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Mission Statement

With courage, honor, and integrity
we protect the rights and dignity
of all citizens. In partnership
with our communities, we strive to preserve the peace and provide
for a safe environment for all.


Patrol Captain
1106- Captain Mike Bell

Patrol Sergeants
1118- Sergeant Milton Binkley
1135- Sergeant Samuel Davidson
1129- Sergeant Chuck Stines

1123- Corporal Daryl Sweeton
1121- Deputy Johnny Whaley

Patrol Deputies
1121- Deputy Johnny Whaley
1126- Deputy Kayln Machuta
1127 - Deputy Billy Damron
1131- Deputy Benjie Smith
1132- Deputy Kason Bolin
1134- Deputy Bobby Long
1138- Deputy Troy Parsons
1139- Deputy Brad Wilson
1140- Deputy Martin Tyler
1141 - Deputy Mike Gonyea
1142- Deputy Cord Buckner
1147- Deputy Bryan Hill

K-9 Units
1115- Sergeant Seth Isbell
1135- Sergeant Samuel Davidson

Motor Units
1102/M02- Captain Greg Lewis
1145/M45- Deputy Colton Clark